Choosing a HVAC Contractor


Industry standards are tough. ABCO standards are tougher.

ABCO doesn’t sell to anyone. Professionals who buy from ABCO have benefited from our industry-leading, product-specific training and support programs. Here are our best practices for choosing a contractor.


Use accredited, licensed, and experienced professionals.
  • Complex state and local codes must be met.
  • New technologies must be understood.
  • Warranties protect only properly installed units.
  • Unskilled “handymen" are unreliable.


Ask for references and referrals.
  • Ask family, friends, and neighbors for recommendations.
  • Find what long-term customers have to say about how any service and maintenance issues were handled.


Know who supplies and supports the contractor.
  • Inventory and delivery capability of manufacturer and brand varies greatly.
  • Make sure contractor can get the equipment or parts you need.
  • It is imperative that a contractor is fully insured to protect your home in case of accidents.


Better contractors:
  • Are prompt and courteous.
  • Ask about any past cooling or heating issues and can provide explanations and practical solutions.
  • Do not rely solely on your old and existing equipment to size your house.
  • Have the experience to give you more efficient service and more accurate estimates.
  • Are better able to determine the correct equipment for your needs.
  • Keep employees current with the latest technology.
  • Will come to your house and provide a detailed estimate.


The best contractors:
  • Add efficiency with systems that help air conditioning, furnace and heat pumps work together.
  • Offer wireless controls for security, convenience, and greater efficiency
  • Offer excellent financing terms, along with utility rebates
  • Provide service contracts and extended warranties that add long-term value and worry-free protection