Luxaire Innovation


Get heating, ventilation and air conditioning to work together to maximize comfort.

In HVAC technology, innovation means more comfort and air quality with less installation, operation and maintenance costs.


Innovation you can touch.
Luxaire Acclimate lets you control the unit with touch-screen and Wi-Fi convenience.


  • Luxaire brings the latest in modern communication technology to your home comfort system.
  • Easy to program.
  • Advance controls and diagnostics.
  • Control your home's environment from anywhere using iPhone®, iPad®, or Android® mobile devices, thanks to the Luxaire® Acclimate Residential Communicating Control with Wi-Fi®.


Innovation you can see.
There’s innovation inside and outside Luxaire Acclimate products:
  • Galvanized steel cabinets.
  • Specially protected compressor.
  • Copper tubing and aluminum fin coils.
  • Maintenance-free, long-life fan motors.
  • Unique, protective “water-shed” cabinet design.


Innovation you can feel.
Indoor air could contain more impurities than outdoor air. Choose Luxaire units to:
  • Ventilate stale indoor air.
  • Zap airborne germs.
  • Filter airborne particles and moisturize parched air.