Luxaire Efficiency

There’s more to this story than energy.

Luxaire Acclimate the EPA’s highest Energy Star rating for efficiency. That means you get the upmost in performance, and comfort.


Balancing energy and performance.
Luxaire units do not compromise performance for efficiency:


  • Microchannel coil technology means the unit weighs less, takes up less space and operates with less refrigerant.
  • A two-stage compressor that’s up to 60% more energy efficient – the second stage only kicks in on the hottest days.


Latest refrigerants.
With the EPA phasing out the non-environmentally friendly refrigerant R-22, you want to be out in front on the latest technology for replacement
  • EPA is accelerating the phase out of the non-environmentally friendly refrigerant, R-22
  • Options for replacement get better every year and Luxaire compressors always work with the latest.


Purer air.
According to the EPA, the air inside a home could be more pollutants, allergens, and impurities than the air outside. Choose Luxaire units to:
  • Ventilate stale indoor air.
  • Zap airborne germs.
  • Filter and trap airborne particles.
  • Moisturize parched air.